Who we are

Pain Points of View™ is an initiative of Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc. to support people living with pain, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals by providing a source of information, perspectives, guidance, and tools for living with and managing pain. Collegium has developed and funded this resource center as part of its mission to be the leader in responsible pain management. Our goal is to support the pain community with a community of support.

Some of the downloadable content that you will find on this website has been developed by Collegium with input from our scientific and medical professionals, while other content has been developed by external key stakeholders in the pain community. Information and downloadable tools developed by Collegium are clearly identified by the Pain Points of View logo.

The Pain Points of View resource center also includes links to, or downloadable content from, the websites of other organizations that educate, connect, and advocate for people living with pain and their caregivers. These third-party organizations were chosen because they are respected sources of information for consumers and have a special focus on coping with pain. Similarly, healthcare professionals who treat pain will find links to some of the leading organizations that provide professional education, training, advocacy, and research in pain medicine. Any information that appears on the websites of these organizations is entirely theirs.

Unless expressly disclosed, Collegium does not create, control, fund, or influence these third-party organizations or any of the content found on any third-party website linked from PainPointsofView.com.